Alexandre Pulido

Alexandre Pulido (born 1990, Newark, United States) is an award-winning filmmaker and writer, and photographer.

His films are characterized by didacticism, symbolism and metaphor. He enjoys a well-turned phrase, and any story that's not at all about what it seems. Universal human stories with a dash of magical realism are his metier--creating works that establish a grounding in reality, and then bend it. Seeking truth in the spaces between what is real and what is imaginary, he writes about whatever makes him most uncomfortable. 

He is preoccupied by the decisive moment: stories do not encompass the whole of a subject, only one small part. Through the medium film he attempts to make the case--whatever it may be--in point. 

Alexandre currently lives and works in Paris.

Toreador Films

Since 2012, Toreador Films has provided top quality production services to clients across the United States for corporate, commercial and narrative video. 

With a network of consummate industry professionals and vibrantly talented visual artists, Toreador is a one stop shop for all production services, personnel, and equipment from pre-production to project completion. 

High standards, artistic vision and an obsessive attention to detail combine to bring Toreador’s clients the absolute best product, no matter the size, the scope, or the budget.  

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